Albright - Aluminium Preparation and Treatment



Callington Haven Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company that has served the global markets for over 30 years, exporting to 37 countries. We offer a range of products for the processing of aluminium surfaces pre and post welding. They are available in either a gel or liquid form to best suit your need. From preparing surfaces prior to welding or to rebirth tired and oxidised surfaces Callington has the product to do the job.

* Fast acting cleaner for pre and post weld applications
* Powerful deoxidisers to return surfaces to their original lustre
* Cleaner - organic, non toxic, non flammable
* Neutralising solution for the treatment of acidic waste
* Ready to use formulations for removal of weld scale



Albright is versatile acidic detergent designed to remove atmospheric corrosion, road grime and soils from all aluminium surfaces. It can be used as a post weld surface wash to restore the surface to its original finish. It’s water miscible which makes it very economical to use and is quick acting, leaving no residual film after rinsing.
Available in 5, 20 and 200 litre containers. Part No. 1300


Alu-Weld is a powerful acidic gel designed to quickly remove weld scale, post weld surface contamination and restore the original lustre. It is a gel that will adhere to vertical and overhead surfaces, so it’s a one step treatment with no wastage. Completely water rinsable, it comes with an acid resistant brush. If needed, it can be diluted with water.
Available in 2.5kg container. Part No. 1320


Prosol is a unique, non toxic, organic cleaning agent for the surface preparation of aluminium and stainless steel surfaces. When dry it leaves no residue and can be used as a wipe cleaner for the removal of marking pens, fingerprints, grease and oil prior to the welding of aluminium. It is also an excellent cleaner for high finish stainless steel surfaces.
Available in 4 and 20 litre containers. Part No. 5300


The Neutraliser is an alkaline solution for the neutralisation of acidic pickling waste. It contains an in-built pH indicator to provide a visual colour change when neutralisation of spent waste has been completed.
Available in 5, 20 and 200 litre drums. Part No. 1150