Unicontrol- Single Stage Cylinder Regulators


Unicontrol area pressure regulators fully conform to all paragraphs of international standard ISO2503. The main focus during product design and manufacture was on providing excellent performance, robustness and durability and guaranteeing its un-compromised safety. The Unicontrol regulators use a filter protected fully encapsulated heart valve, well proven over several generations of GCE regulators. The body is made of solid forged, high quality brass, polished and chemically stabilised. The zinc die-cast bonnet is protected by a double layer powder painting to guarantee corrosion resistance even in very aggressive environments. For operational safety the integrated pressure relief valve, located on the rear of the body is designed to prevent end users from changing the factory setting. These regulators are independently type-tested and certified by BAM Berlin (The German State Testing Institute) to work safely with up to 200 bar inlet pressure.

Technical Data :  
Body Forged Brass, chemically stabilized (acid bright dipped)
Die-cast Zinc alloy, chemically stabilized and powder painted
Diam.55mm fabric-reinforced EPDM rubber
Heart Valve
Encapsulated unit, brass body sealed by PA or high-grade chloroprene rubber
Pressure Gauges
Non-bulkhead 63mm gauges, class2,5%, scale calibrated in Bar
Inlet Stem & Nut
Brass, geometry complying with BS-341 standard
Safety Valve
Non-adjustable, plastic housing
Control elements Ergonomic PA control knob, captive pressure adjusting screw