Picking Spray for Stainless

S-Weld SPS (Spray Pickle Solution)

S-Weld SPS is a unique spray pickling solution that provides excellent working properties for the pickling of stainless steel. Its red colouring allows the operator to know exactly where the product has been sprayed on the stainless surface or if it has been washed down completely.


» Quick acting

» One step treatment

» Completely water rinse able

» Colour indicator

» Leaves no residual film after rinsing

» Excellent surface coverage compared to regular paste/gel pickling products

» Decreased consumption due to colour and consistency

» Convenient pack size for easy handling


1. Ensure welded surface has had sufficient time to cool below 40C

2. Pre- clean surface to remove any possible contaminates as grease oil and oil. This can be achieved by using Callington S-Weld Britewash Acidic Detergent.

3. Stir or mix solution. Spray onto surface ensuring that coverage is even over the total area. FOR BEST RESULTS, DO NOT SPRAY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.