Safety Gloves For Welding


» Welding gloves can protect you from electric shock, flames, hot parts, sharp or flying metal, and arc rays. Proper gloves are the first line of defense against the hand hazards of welding and cutting. ANSI Standard Z49.1 requires that all welders and cutters wear protective gloves while working. Different processes may use different gloves.

» There are many different styles of gloves.Some protect only the fingers and palms.Others protect the entire hand. Still othersprotect the wrist and forearm as well.Some gloves have combinations ofmaterial, such as cowhide palms andpigskin backs. One pair of gloves may notbe suitable for all processes.

» For example,gloves that are proper for low current GasTungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) (thin and flexible) would not be proper for high current Air Carbon Arc Cutting (CAC-A)(insulated, tough, and durable).

Safety Gloves For Welding