Silver Zinc Guard Galvaniser


Pipe Purge Inflatables
Pipe Purge Inflatables

A Zinc Rich Coating for Providing Long Lasting Corrosion Resistance

INTRODUCTION The Silver Zinc Guard is a fast drying, high solids, and high performance epoxy zinc rich coating designed to protect steel against corrosion and at the same time impart a silver appearance to the overall finish. The Silver Zinc Guard imparts corrosion resistance via inhibition, (presence of epoxy binder and metallic pigment) and sacrificial protection (via zinc dust).

The Silver Zinc Guard is ideal to touch up and hide welded joints on metal structures and is suitable on all types of ferrous (mild and heavy gauge steel) substrates.

» Zinc purity is 98%
» 65% Zinc content in Dry Film
» Complies to ASTM A780/780M
» 2-in-1 Protect and match in one easy step


The metal iron surface must be cleaned thoroughly and be free of any low surface tension modifiers such as dust, wax, grease, oils and anti-rust additives (that is applied to metal by steel manufacturers to prevent corrosion).

Remove all traces of rust by wire brushing or mechanical sander until sound metal surface is achieved.

Wipe the surface clean with solvent and a rag to remove traces of iron filings that may have been generated during the sanding operation. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

Do not use rust converter as this will lead to gassing and bubbling in the Silver Zinc coat due to acid of the rust converter reacting with zinc dust and thus rendering it inactive.