Oxyfuel Pug Cutting Machine With Track Cutting


Track Cutting can be done by using oxy LPG & Oxy acetylene gas which is suitable for cutting Mild Steel & Carbon steel cutting

The MSC-1 is a light portable cutting machine designed for high quality machanised oxygen cutting available to an ever widening range of In-Dustries.


Low Price :

Every workshop can afford the MSC-1 Cutting M/C even if there is only an occassional demand for mechanised precision cutting.

Easy to Handle :

The machine weights only about 9 Kg and has a convenient wrap-round handle for carrying as well as for


The machine can produce straight cuts on any length (Square edge or bevel preparation) with the same precision. The machine will cut circles and also shapes with gradual curves, when hand guided.



Made of pressed steel with wrap-round steel handle asbestos heat deflector, and anchor clip to prevent hose drag on Cutter.


High performance 1/20 HP, 220/240V. AC/DC geared motor with continuous rating.


Drive is through a high speed gear-box with rotary resis tance speed control giving smooth cutting speeds. The speed can be varied from 80 to 800 MM/min to suit the nature of cutting (Reference to pressure & speed chart). The speed of the machine can also be varied while cutting is in progress. Forward/off/reverse switch is located below the speed control knob for easy operation.

Cutting Torch

Injector type specially designed to prevent back fire. It works on Oxygen and D. A. or LPG with appropriate Cutting Nozzles.

Cutter Holding Attachments

Rack and Penion cutter adjustment enables vertical and horizontal movement of the Torch. The end of the rack is degree calibrated to enable angular adjustments of the Torch for Bevel cutting

Circle Cutting Attachment

The standard cutting attachment supplied with the machine can be fixed from either side of the machine with two Clamping Screws.

Rail Track

The machine runs on an extruded aluminium track of 1.8 mtr. length.

Power supply Circle Cutting :
220/240V AC I-1z 50. 75 MM to 1200 MM
Fuel Gas : Cutting Speed
Acetylene or LPG. 80 to 800 MM/min
Cutting Capacity : Weight :
Up to 90 MM thick for Mild Steel and Low Alloy Carbon Up to 90 MM thick for Mild Steel and Low Alloy Carbon
Straight Cutting : Colour :
In 1.8 mtrs length or its multiples by adding rail tracks. Golden Yellow and Black.
Bevel Cutting :  
Up to 45.  

Oxyfuel Pug Cutting Machine With Track Cutting

MSC 1 Portable Cutting Machine