Welding Curtains



Use and applications :
Welding curtains are useful in industrial / contract sites where there is arc welding or metal grinding activity that generates sparks. Since sparks or welding arc light is harmful to the naked eye for workers nearby, or even passing by, it is important that for visual safety, welding curtains be used. Approved & tested welding curtains would provide adequate visual protection for people in the near proximity of welding / grinding activity, where exposure due to the high intensity welding spark light, could be harmful.

Meeting of CE ENI1598-2011 norms for welding curtains ensures that the curtains material has acceptable transparency, reflectance, UV protection and flame resistance.

Welding Curtains

75FT (23m) Curtain Rolls With Eyelets On One Side

164FT (50m) PVC Curtains Rolls