Gouging Torches


» The gouging Torch consists of the holder, a special cable attached to a cable lug and compressed air hose of 2 m length.

» The air supply can be regulated by means of a valve incorporated in the holder. Compressed air is discharged from two bores which are arranged in the rotary nozzle of the holder. The nozzle also serves for accommodating the welding carbon and is conveniently replaceable.

» Process involves :
1. Striking of an arc between the metal work piece and carbon electrode.
2. Melting of metal through the use of arc.
3. Removal of molten metal through compressed air.
It is used for removal of weld defects, U-grooving, gouging out cracks, flushing out bolts and rivets, contouring.

» Features :
Low price, low heat input, low metal removal cost, cuts all metals rapidly, easy to use, noiseless process.
Versatile :
1) works in all positions,
2) cuts, grooves, bevels & contours
3) used in workshop or field.

» Equipments required for the process:
1. 400 to 1200 Amp. DC power source.
2. compressed air at 4-6 Kg/cm2
3. METARC Gouging Torch
4. Electrodes

Gouging Torches