Callington Industrial Aerosols


Callington Industrial Aerosols

Callington has a range of industrial aerosols specially formulated for specific industries and applications. They are scientifically formulated, laboratory and workshop tested. These products have been designed to meet the needs of the professional tradesman and the serious DIY user.

* Manufactured in Australia
* Scientifically formulated
* Workshop tested and approved
* Enviromentally friendly
* User friendly

Callington Haven :

* AS/NZS ISO 9002 Quality Certified Company
* NATA Accredited Laboratory
* ASSDA Member


Zinc rich coating for long lasting corrosion resistance
Zinc Guard is ideally suited for touch-up welds and damaged structures or components. Callington Zinc Guard is an industrial strength zinc rich coating containing metallic zinc, which protects steel in the same manner as hot dip galvanising. i.e. cathodic reaction. Zinc Guard gives exceptional long term protection against rust and corrosion and weather to the same colour as normal galvanising. Part Number: I48I/400-400 grams.