Door Frame Welding for Wind Towers


Door Frame Welding for Wind Towers

MCM - Promotech’s portable 5-axis shape cutting, beveling and welding machine is designed for cutting and welding processes in door frame welding in wind towers industry.

MCM can be also used on flat, horizontal, vertical, convex, concave surfaces, pipes and tanks.

The MCM machine allows both sided oxy-fuel or plasma hole cutting, beveling and welding in one fixed position.

Optionally the MCM machine can be equipped with a welding equipment according to customers’ preference.


MCM advantages :

» Capability to cut an opening which matches exactly the specific door frame which is going to be installed.
» No CNC programming required
» Extremely accurate and consistent root gap, root face and bevel angle.
» Simple and user friendly interface enables an easy input and configuration of cutting/beveling parameters. Innovative control system and software allows for double-sided beveling in one operation and ensures precise movement of cutting torch with active compensation of torch position with regards to work piece curvature
» Cutting/beveling/welding on flat, concave, convex and conical surfaces is also available.
» Machine is fully portable
» Uses multi language, user friendly control system interface
» Custom made versions are also available
» Welding equipment from different manufacturers can be integrated with the MCM system
» Welding process is performed in an semi automatic cycle with possibility of manual adjustment of the welding gun.