S-Weld Passivator Passivating Gel For Stainless Steel


S-Weld Passivator Passivating Gel For Stainless Steel


S-Weld Passivator is a powerful oxidising gel for the passivation of stainless steel fabricated products.

S-Weld Passivator can be used following pickling , grinding or mechanical polishing of stainless steel to ensure a passive surface is obtained prior to installation or commissioning of the final product.

* Gel consistency for ease of application
* Enhancement of chrome oxide corrosion resistant (passive) layer
* Dissolves any residual surface contamination
* Improved quality of fabricated product

Boiling Point : N/A
Specific Gravity : 1.20
Water Solubility : Miscible
pH (as supplied) : < 1.0
Appearance & Colour : Thick white translucent gel, mixes with water. Oxidising agent.


1. Clean the area to be treated with a solvent cleaner such as Callington Prosol or equivalent.

2. Stir the gel to ensure a smooth consistency and apply S-Weld Passivator using the acid resistant brush provided.

3. Leave the gel on the surface for 1 to 6 hours depending in the grade of stainless steel to be treated and the nature of the environment for which the fabricated item will be subjected.

4. To remove the gel, rinse thoroughly with water or Callington S-Weld Neutralizer, neutralising solution.

Note :

1. Wear PVC gloves, goggles, overalls and safety boots. Wear a respirator if working in a confined or poorly ventilated area.

2. Avoid spillages and do not allow gel to come in contact with the body or eyes. Avoid breathing vapour.

3. If skin contact occurs, immediately flush body and / or clothes with water. Remove all contaminated clothing.

4. Replace the lid on the container tightly after use, and store upright in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. Do not store or use below 5oC.

5. S-Weld Passivator has a recommended shelf life if twelve (12) months if stored as per above conditions (item 4).


S-Weld Passivator is presented in a 2.5kg security cap plastic container, and each pack includes an acid resistant application brush.


Caution: This product contains Nitric Acid and is corrosive and poisonous.

Wear appropriate chemical protective clothing, eye protection and breathing apparatus as necessary.

Do not use S-Weld Passivator near open flames or cutting torches, since hazardous flammable gas can be generated. Keep lid tightly closed when not in use, and out of reach of children or unauthorized users.

If using in a poorly ventilated area, use a respirator.

If you require to neutralise the acidic waste residue; this can be done using S-Weld Neutralizer neutralising solution. Add using S-Weld Neutralizer until the colour changes to a pale pink colour.

Refer to the Callington Haven S-Weld Passivator Material Safety Data Sheet for further safety information. A copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet can be obtained on request from our office.


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