Weldbrite Stainless Steel Pickling Gel


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Weldbrite Stainless Steel Pickling Gel


Weldbrite utilises innovative Australian technology for the formulation of a high adhesion stainless steel pickling gel for spray pickling applications It is used to remove the black oxide marks or burn scale left during welding of stainless steel. After use of Weldbrite the weld area should have the same look as the rest of the steel being used. Weldbrite leaves a clean professionally finished stainless steel weld area.

* Quick acting
* One step treatment
* Completely water rinsable
* Convenient size packs - no wastage
* Can be used on vertical surfaces

Boiling Point : N/A
Specific Gravity : 1.15
Water Solubility : Miscible
pH (as supplied) : < 1.0
Appearance & Colour : Opaque, white acidic gel, pungent acidic odour



Is a strong AST A 380 complaint formulation.
A thick high adhesion gel.
Effectively removes free iron.
Provides fast ating, one step descaling.
Completely water soluble.
Supplied with application brush.


Rapid pickling and cleaning of weld area and the heat affected zone
Enhancement of the auto paaivation process
Efficiency in fabrication
Non residual treatment
Easy to use, even on vertical surfaces


1. Clean the weld area carefully using a stainless steel brush.

2. Shake the contents of the Weldbrite for10-20 seconds prior to opening the container to ensure a smooth consistency, especially if the container has not been used for a long time.

3. Ensure that the surface is cool before applying the Weldbrite paste.

4. Apply the Weldbrite gel to the area to be cleaned, using the brush provided.

5. Leave the gel on for approximately 10 minutes. On some types of stainless steel this could take longer.

6. To remove the gel, rinse with water, it may be necessary to scrub the area with a stainless steel compatible scotch brite pad to remove any visible etching to match the remaining surface.


1. Wear gloves and goggles; avoid spillage or splashes. Do not allow to come in contact with the body. If skin contact occurs, apply Calcium Gluconate gel.

2. Avoid contact with eyes or breathing any vapour.

3. Replace the lid on the container tightly and store upright in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. Do not store or use below 5oC.

4. Weldbrite has a recommended shelf life, in good storage conditions, of twelve (12) months.


Weldbrite is available in 1kg, 2.5kg and 20kg packs.


Caution: This product contains Hydrofluoric Acid and Nitric Acid and is corrosive and poisonous.

Wear appropriate clothing, i.e. rubber gloves, rubber apron, rubber boots, long sleeve shirt and full face shield or clear goggles.

Do not use Weldbrite near open flames or cutting torches, since a hazardous flammable gas can be generated. Keep lid tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If used in poorly ventilated areas, use a respirator equipped with a chlorine type filter.

If you have to neutralise the Weldbrite residue this can be done using S-Weld Neutralizer neutralising solution. Add S-Weld Neutralizer neutralising solution until the colour remains a pale pink colour.

Refer to the Callington Haven Weldbrite Material Safety Data Sheet for further safety information. A copy of this sheet can be obtained on request from our office.


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